Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any questions? We’ve collected the most frequent ones, so you don’t need to search anything.


General FAQ

Here are some general FAQ applicable to all servers we have.

Q: I can’t install the game, it says “App not installed”. What’s wrong?

A: Mostly this problem happens when you don’t have enough free space

Q: I see “Your account can’t be found in database. Try to clean app data” when I open the game. What’s that?

A: Probably your account has been removed because of a long period of inactivity. You can simply reinstall the game, or clean up the app data in your device settings.

Q: My game stucked at “Download Content” or “Connecting to Server”

Try to wait a little bit, we may have some technical problems we are already working on. If it still doesn’t work try to switch to another internet connection. Still nothing? Contact us.

Q: How to use in-game commands?

A: You can type /help in the chat (you should join any clan to open the chat) to see what commands are available and how to use them.

Q: Some players have gradient nicknames. Can I have it too?

A: No. Gradient nicknames are only for early access players who are playing on our servers for a long time. We don’t have any plans to give such nicknames anymore.


Game-specific FAQs

While questions listed above are the most frequent, probably you have some game-specific question. If so, please visit server-specific FAQs: